September 8, 2009

Former Nuclear Pariah India Seeks Uranium Stocks

7th September 2009

NEW DELHI — Energy-starved India, armed with permission to buy atomic fuel from around the world after the end of a three-decade ban, is courting new partners alongside old friends in its global hunt for uranium..Evidence of New Delhi’s “uranium diplomacy” kicking into gear came last week when India hosted Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba and signed a pact enabling uranium sales to India as well as investment in Namibian mining…………

India has already signed nuclear fuel import pacts with France and Russia.

The moves follow India clinching a landmark accord with the United States last year resulting in the removal of a 34-year-old embargo on sales of civilian atomic technology.

India also obtained a rare exemption from the 46-member Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) that controls global atomic commerce allowing it to buy nuclear fuel and power plants to boost its electricity production.

The NSG normally restricts such sales to countries that have signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which India has not, though major supplier Australia has said it will keep its export embargo in place.

This deal may cause India to collapse
By Christina MacPherson

8th September 2009

This deal may cause India to collapse
rediff newes September 08, 2008 Rajeev Srinivasan There have been hosannas and hallelujahs aplenty about the fact that the Nuclear Suppliers Group has decided to provide a waiver of sorts to India. The fine print is yet to be deciphered, but already the usual suspects are taking credit for having brought about ‘energy security in our time.’…………..

…..The confidential letter from the US State Department to the House Foreign Relations Committee, as publicised by Representative Howard Berman, is refreshingly candid about the real facts behind the deal: To use pithy Americanisms, the Indians are being taken to the cleaners. Being sold a bill of goods. Led to the slaughter. Being totally sold snake-oil, with the active connivance of their leaders………………………what exactly is India getting? After all the huffing and puffing, India has now been given the privilege of spending enormous amounts of money — absolute billions — to buy nuclear fission reactors and uranium? This is a good thing?……

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