February 15, 2010


Attention Future DYL & TOE Investors

One Issue to re-consider when investing in Deep Yellow is the soon to be Implemented decision by Toro Energy regarding their J/V Napperby Exploration.

Toros/Deep Yellow's Napperby 2007 (3 Year)Acquisition Agreement .

If undertaken by Toro Energy it will require payment of approximately $57-$75Mill based on a sliding scale of $4.50P/Lb (if u3o8 spot price is $56.00P/Lb or below) based on a 13.2Mill Lb Jorc Napperby Resource, to which on all accounts looking over Napperby's drill results will be attained.

Note* Plus 2-3% royalty payments to both PDN & DYL

This will eventually require a Cash Payment by TOE, or more likely Cash Payment + Share Holding to DYL, so one should keep this in mind, when considering.

Should bolster DYL's Share price over the coming period if Acquisition of Napperby goes ahead.

3 Year Acquisition Agreement Due Approximately July 2010

Cheers from a Long Term Uranium Bull

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