April 27, 2010

Uranium Spot Price Rises To US$41.75P/Lb.

Uranium Spot Up 25cents To US$41.75

According to the consultant, no less than five deals were successfully concluded during the week, causing some 600,000 pounds U3O8 to change ownership during the period.

In addition, notes the consultant, new demand has also become visible in the term market, though no deals have thus far been recorded.

The direct result of the increased willingness by buyers to accept higher prices has been for a small increase in TradeTech's spot price indicator by US25c to US$41.50/lb.

UxC Consulting now at US$41.75/lb.

TradeTech's mid-term price indicator has remained unchanged at US$50/lb as did its long-term price benchmark at US$60/lb.

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