March 10, 2011

Heathgate Resources, Subsid of US Nuclear Giant General Atomics National President Resigns

Published on Thursday March 10 2011

THE Australian president of uranium company Heathgate has resigned, casting further doubts over the company's mining projects at Beverley in the state's north.

David Williams, who took the helm of Heathgate early last year, is leaving the position to become managing director of another company.

The resignation is the latest in a string of disruptions for Heathgate which is tied up in legal disputes involving its exploration arm, Quasar Resources.

Quasar and Alliance Resources are joint venture partners in the Four Mile uranium project, but are mired in a legal dispute that is delaying the mine's development.

Heathgate has endured several changes in senior managment in recent years, and Mr Williams's departure follows on the heels of Patrick Mutz's departure from Alliance late last year.

Heathgate is owned by US parent company General Atomics.

SA Chamber of Mines and Energy chief executive Jason Kuchel said he hoped to see the parties resolve their disagreement.

"I would expect that ultimately it will happen because I can't imagine that either party wants to sit on a significant resource and not develop it," he said. "Certainly we would like to see the issues resolved to enable the project to move ahead."

Heathgate has appointed Joel Lister acting president.

Mr Williams will remain with Heathgate as a non-executive director.

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