June 6, 2012

Global Nuclear Power Generation Market To More Than Double To $300 Bln By 2030 - Rosatom

Published on Wednesday June 06 2012 (AEST)

Global nuclear power generation market to more than double to $300 Bln by 2030 

- Rosatom The global market for nuclear power generation, according to Rosatom's estimates, will more than double by 2030, to $300 billion, the Russian state nuclear energy company's Director for Strategy and Investments Igor Karavaev said at the ATOMEXPO-2012 forum. The market for radiation technologies (emissions management) will grow even more dynamically - four-fold to $267 billion, he said. 

Nuclear power plant construction will almost double to $53 billion. In terms of volume, the smallest market is currently the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel and the production of secondary fuel (around $3 billion). However, that market will triple in size to $9 billion by 2030. Meanwhile, the market for nuclear energy services will grow by a mere 20% to $22 billion by that time. Rosatom aims to boost its own revenue five-fold to $75 billion by 2030 ($48 billion by 2020). The proportion of overseas operations in revenue should reach 50% in 2030, whereas that figure is now at around 30%, including the share of revenue from Rosatom's international assets - 25% (now it is less than 10%). 

 New products and services, including radiation technology and nuclear medicine, should account for about a third of Rosatom's revenue in 2030, versus the current 7%. Nuclear energy generation and sales will still account for roughly half of Rosatom's revenue, while the share of nuclear fuel production (including production, conversion and uranium enrichment) in revenue will fall by almost half, to 12% (currently 40%). 

NPP and nuclear equipment construction, which currently accounts for about 5% of Rosatom's revenue, will only account for 2% by 2030. 


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