November 13, 2011

First Glimpse Inside Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Published on Saturday November 13 2011 (AEST)
Workers will spend the next 30 years dismantling its nuclear reactors

* There are up to 3,300 workers a day arriving at the nuclear plant
* Every day after work they discard their protective clothing, which is treated as radioactive waste
* Japanese officials guided journalists through the plant today for the first time since the disaster
* Conditions at Fukushima have been slowly improving and a 'cold-shutdown' is scheduled for the end of the year

Inside a reactor: The interior of the No. 4 reactor building at Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s tsunami-crippled Fukushima

Crushed: A glimpse inside the devastated nuclear power plant No. 4 after the destruction

Clean up effort: Workers will also be cleaning up the devastation inside the reactors after the March tsunami

Crippled: The steel walls of the nuclear power plant are crushed from the destruction

A view of the crippled Fukushima, showing the cranes working in the reconstruction attempt

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